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Caffè Marconi
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Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina
Caffè Marconi
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm 
# via Ettore Sambo, 19 
59100 Prato (PO) Italy
The real Italian Espresso since 1930
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The history of the Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina begins in the heart of Florence: Piazza della Signoria, in the rooms behind the photo umbrellas.

We are at the beginning of 1900 when Alfredo Marconi begins to work. At the age of six, he became an apprentice in the grocery store that was located in the square that is the historic center of Florence. In 1930, thirty years old, he took over the shop and began to get passionate about the world of coffee.

This is how the Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina "Caffè Marconi" was born.

Grandfather Alfredo began to roast the coffee with a hand-made machine that was turned by hand and that roasted no more than 5 kg at a time. The fire was fed with oak wood from the Florentine hills: this slow roasting process has giving to the coffee a teaste that made it unique. Alfredo Marconi dedicated himself to the research of the best coffee qualities from all over the world and his passion was immediately conquered by the varieties of Arabica from Colombia, Africa and the Indies.
From the very beginning the coffee of the Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina Caffè Marconi distinguished itself for its quality and became part of the Fiorentini houses.
Even today the same care and attention in the choice of blends are the strengths of our production.
Tradition and love for coffee are an indissoluble value for our company.
Our coffee roasters take care of the selection of the best coffee qualities from all over the world; in this way the coffee beans become a harmony of flavors that will make the tasting experience unique.
The strength and the true motif of pride and distinction of the Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina Caffè Marconi is the craftsmanship of the processing: there are precise roasting rules that have always been the same.
The production batches are small and produced weekly in order to packing it freshly after the roasting process; in this way the coffee keeps intact all its aroma and its organoleptic characteristics.
We are using the state of the art of roasting technology and it means that after almost a century of activity, coffee always has the quality and freshness of the past.
Tasting the coffee blends of the Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina Caffè Marconi you will immerse yourself in a sea of ​​scents and flavors that only nature is able to give.
The best selections of Caffè Arabica from all over the World, combined with this unique method of processing, will bring to your palate the fragrance and aroma of freshly roasted coffee giving you a smile.


This was 1950

You breathe the typical atmosphere of the artisan shops where you were greeted with a smile.
Grandfather Alfredo Marconi was a point of reference for the Florentines who wished to enjoy coffee.
He gave advice on the blends to be used for the various preparations and taught to enjoy coffee telling his customers the "history" of his beans.
It often happened that the ladies stopped to ask for advice on recipes and combinations, kidnapped by those stories of distant countries made of plantations and hills full of coffee.

Times change, but in our cafés around the world, you still breathe the same atmosphere ...