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Topping - Coffee Syrup


- Natural flavors only


- Artificial colorings free
- gluten free
- palm oil free
- GMO free (genetically modified organisms)

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Our delicious topping syrups are great in any type of coffee beverage: espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, macchiato, mocaccino, coffee milk, milk, coffee, etc.
Our "Coffee Syrup" are the result of years of research and development, they were born to enhance the taste of coffee drinks without covering the original flavors and aromas.
They melt immediately with a few turns of spoon and blend perfectly with every
coffee and/or milk beverages. They do not form clots and improve the texture of the drink giving a greater consistency.
Finally you can customize coffee & milk drinks and find your favorite recipe.
A simple addition of our Coffee syrups will suffice to give you a moment of pure passion: every coffee drink will become special and exclusive.
Once the bottle is opened, they can be stored at room temperature and keep their high quality until the last drop. The "easy squeeze cap" with internal valve, guarantees hygiene and cleanliness in outdoor areas such as beaches, kiosks, outdoor party, etc.
Our Topping Coffee syrups are perfects even with yogurt, ice cream, milkshake, smoothies, pancake, waffel, donouts, biscuits, etc.

In Asian markets and China they are used to prepare delicious Milk Tea.

Drop Topping - Coffee Syrup are perfect   on:
Lat Art - One of the many ways to use Topping - Coffee Syrup
Italian Secret Chocolate




We have start to produce this Italian Secret Chocolate Coffee Syrup in 1930. Today, as then, our recipe is secret and only family members know it.

A secret recipe created to make the taste of this product unique: dark chocolate, gianduia, milk chocolate, hazelnuts.


A unique taste that makes it inimitable.

The characteristics of chocolate are extraordinary and recognized for a long time: Antioxidant (fights aging), Anti-stress, friend of the heart (regulates blood pressure), Aphrodisiac.

Chocolate is definitely the best anti-fatigue and anti-fatigue food. Rich in Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamins E, B1 and B2 is the most suitable food for those who carry out an intense physical activity.

Only Italian hazelnuts of the best quality selected and toasted.

Delicate and persistent taste.

After almonds they are the richest fruit of vitamin "E" and they are a source of phytosterols, a group of substances considered important for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The hazelnuts also contain monounsaturated fats capable of lowering the level of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Prepared according to the original recipe with raw cane sugar caramelized in water.

A rich and delicate taste with hints of toffee.

Perfect for all uses, free your imagination.





Tiramisù is the most famous Italian dessert in the world, its name is present in the common vocabulary of 23 different languages in the world: in Europe it is the fifth most famous Italian word.

One of the hypotheses on the origins of this dessert places it geographically in the Tuscany region, more precisely in the city of Siena, where on the occasion of a visit by the Grand Duke Cosimo III de 'Medici was invented a sweet called "soup of the Duke" with characteristics very similar to current tiramisù. However, there are some discrepancies in this legend because both the ladyfingers and the mascarpone were little used in the Sienese pastry between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in addition the latter ingredient could hardly be preserved and transported quickly from Lombardy, its region of production, to Tuscany.

Great care and attention to raw materials: we only use Madagascar vanilla berries, the best in the world.

A unique scent that recalls exotic paradises and sunny beaches.

Vanilla is a sweet and aromatic spice with aphrodisiac action useful against stress and insomnia.

Cinnamon is a spice with aphrodisiac properties, well known, not only in the kitchen, but also as a natural remedy against colds, nervous hunger and menstrual pains.

We use the variety from Sri Lanka, the best.